Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Heart NY, Yes I Do

We're back and it was great, it was brilliant and I'm sold, she had me at hello. Hello, hello, sweet darling New York. We stepped off the plane and into Dean & Deluca and at it was love at first bite. I heart NY, yes I do. I stood on Broadway with a weak latte in my hand and tears in my eyes. I'm a hopeless romantic, as some of you might know. But this wasn't tears for the ultimate city. They were for me. For being my American self again for the first time in 15 years. Feel free to smack me over the head, but I have to say this: It was pure magic to have me back. Jesper couldn't stop laughing, apparently the American me speaks even more and faster than my Swedish self. But oh, how good it was to be that girl again. So loud, so friendly, so confident, so interested in everyone and everything. I vow to keep her with me forever and always. (Minus the accent, or Jesper will never take me seriously again.)

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Pamela said...

What a beautiful post...I'm so happy you enjoyed the trip and yourself! I've never been to NY but will be traveling there in two weeks with Clara to visit my two sisters! :) Since both my sis and I are pretty pregnant she's not going to give me a tour of the big city but we will visit New England together. I think I'm mostly excited to spend time with my dear siblings. :)

I'm so excited you purchased measuring cups during your visit!! Let me know how the recipes turn out. Plus, I need to get you that apple pie recipe! I will do it soon. xoxo