Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September Started On August 31st

How do I know this?
The kids are home sick today. It's season première of Sick Day.
And my mother left the comfort of her own bed at 4.40 this morning, to be at the train station before six, to be on our doorstep at eight o'clock. For me and J to go to work and do our thing, while she takes care of our children, nurses coughs and colds, hands out icecream and limits the nintendo playing and the whining, makes an apple tart, kisses dirty cheeks, coaxes down medicine.
My mother, the superhero.
She has also very kindly offered her apartment to a woman in need, which means she will spend tonight on the floor in our study.
On a mattress, but still.
If anyone would like to report me now for neglect and abuse of loved one, I'd like to tell you that it isn't always this bad.
Sometimes we do take care of the sick young'ns ourselves, and sometimes my mother drinks champagne and eats marmalade while I pull my offspring home on a sleigh in a storm.
Not very often, no. But sometimes.
It must have happened at least once.
And now someone is bringing me a latte on a tray and I really must go.
(I'll bring her home something nice for dinner, shall I? And cook it too?)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Around The House

Today turned into something other than expected.
Still good, just not what was planned.
It's like a theme song around here lately.
My running shoes have not been in use since Friday the 19th.
So I have to run today or forever be a quitter.
Can't have that.
So running it is, and making fish for dinner. And working.
Also eating chocolate from the "secret" stash in the kitchen when the kids aren't looking.
Will I paint the walls in the bathroom this weekend?
Surprise J, who's spending four days in Barcelona "working"?
Probably not. Paint the walls, that is.
Probably rent crappy movies instead and make the kids sleep in the big bed with me.
Oh, come on. It's the least they can do.
Have I told you about my husband? I've known him since I was eleven.
He had a very cool bike back then.
My parents are coming to town, and if you've been here before you already know what's coming next: It makes me happy.
Yes, it does. Sorry about the sappiness, but it does.
I know they're happy in Midsomer and I'm happy when they're happy but when I'm really happy is when they are where I am.
In town.
Yes. Did I mention I'm an only child?
So. Are you having a good Tuesday?
It is getting awfully quiet here again, isn't it?
But maybe you're just like me.
Maybe your days are turning into something other than expected too.
Hope it's still good.
Just not what was planned.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Here's What Happened

I've discovered Wordfeud.
And it has practically turned into my new Facebook.
It's seriously addictive.
These guys above have nothing to do with it.
They're just enjoying their pizza, munching away.
But WordFeud.
It's good.
Yes, I can honestly say that I'm way more excited about Wordfeud than I am over Beyoncé's baby.
I can't stop.
Can you?

Who Run The World (Girls)

Ugly-happy about Beyoncé's baby! (Well, this photo is actually me being ugly-happy about something else, but still.) Excellent news. Chills. Yay. Hooray.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's The New Season And We're Not Done With The Old

School started yesterday.
So now it's all back to Normal.
Normal my ass.
More like "normal".
We're not done with summer yet.
We need more sun, more swim, more sand.
We need longer days and shorter nights and lazy afternoons.
Not this.
Not the packing of tiny rucksacks.
Not the laying out of clothes.
Not the homework.
Not the drama.
Not the mornings.
Not yet.

Can we opt out?

Monday, August 22, 2011

This One's For Me

She cried so she couldn't breathe when I left her today.
And I sat in the car and I cried too.
So this post is for me.
I need to look at this picture for a while.
It will all be ok.
It will all be ok.
It will all be ok.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Turns Out Our House Is A Home Away From Home

Who has been sleeping in my bed?
Jennie has!
And her whole family too!
Just take a look at this.
While we were in Cornwall freezing our butts off, they were in our garden drinking up the sunshine. I'm so very glad.
See, the internet's a beautiful thing.
Blog friends, huh?
Who would have thunk it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I just incidentally showed a whole lot of skin to the twelveyearold art director sitting next to me.
Ok, so he's not twelve, but the innocence is the same.
And there I was, talking browsers and showing him the lion part of my ample bosom.
God Dear Lord God.
And, being me and being deranged, I obviously pointed it out.
"Oh, dear me, here I am showing you all this skin!"
I know.
God Dear Lord God.
The awkward silence. Can you hear it?
This is how I pass my days.
Should stick to working strictly from home.
Fully clothed.
As if they didn't think I was nuts already, now with the skin also?!
God Dear Lord Dear God.
He probably thinks I was trying to seduce him.
He'll tell his girlfriend the story tonight with HORROR.
I'm Mrs Robinson.
Oh kill me now.

Obvious Perks With Not Working From Home On This Particular Thursday In August Anno Domini 2011

the day I marinate myself some tofu and serve it on a bed of roses is yet to come
hooked up with best ever Lisch for lunch, the perfect treat
see above and add a few HAHAHA laughs for full effect
two Pärlans sea salt toffee (come to mommy, little one)
not actually doing it, but talking about it and looking forward to tonight's run
with said Lisch to Johan's for an after lunch brew, talked football, tennis and marriage
bumped into three former colleagues (not at the same time!), one of them very very happy
favourite client
this one has got to be one of the nicest (evah)
noise level
at this moment there are two sevenyearolds, two eightyearolds and a fouryearold at my house (all taken care of by a hunk of a 37-yearold, but still)
bike riding
rode my red devil into town this morning (go legs, go!)
coming home
it's so much better when you've actually been somewhere else during the day

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just Like That

I was picking Blanka up from daycare and the sun came out and I wasn't late and my legs were moving like Lance Armstrong's and I suddenly felt like such a force.
So strong.
So happy.
So much like myself.
I wanted to pick up the phone and call Jesper and TELL SOMEONE.
But the feeling was too good, there was no stopping or phoning, I just continued to ride my bike, legs firing away.
So strong.
So happy.
All of a sudden me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

State Of The Art

Tate, St Ives, July 2011. The young'uns are now officially works of art. Not only in the eyes of the proud parents.

Major Soft Spot

tide |tīd|
the alternate rising and falling of the sea, usually twice in each lunar day at a particular place, due to the attraction of the moon and sun : the changing patterns of the tides | they were driven on by wind and tide.
• the water as affected by this : the rising tide covered the wharf.
• figurative a powerful surge of feeling or trend of events : he drifted into sleep on a tide of euphoria | we must reverse the growing tide of racism sweeping the country

Sorry About That

I got stuck in my ego.
I read so many blogs every day that are brilliant.
Inspiring, well written, beautifully photographed.
Funny. Important.
And somehow I started feeling a bit bleh about my own.
What's the use? Why bother? Do I really have anything to say?
Yeah, I just might have been feeling a little bit sorry for myself.
But I'm done now.
And I'd like to apologize.
There are actual people that come here everyday to read.
And I haven't given you anything this summer.
I'm sorry.
It doesn't matter that these are all iPhone photos.
It doesn't matter that WWLD isn't Big.
I love this place and I love you for coming here.
I mean, you actually come here. It's nothing short of amazing.
So, sorry.
And thank you.
And see you tomorrow?


Thursday, August 4, 2011

What I Didn't Know

These are my favourite people to travel with.
And tomorrow the itinerary says 45 minute car, 5 hour train, 15 minute cab, 50 minute train, 5 minute cab.
I should be all set.

Platform 9, Kings Cross Station, London

If you know why this is big, I love you even more than before.
Wilhelm was in awe. "It's right HERE, mom!"

It's Not That It Isn't Pretty

It's just that it's November.
In August.

Kind regards,
Worlds Most Spoiled

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Is England

All is well, but the weather.
Cambridge experienced its' coldest July since 1980.
Porthleven is in storm.
This pretty much sums up our English Adventure.
We are hiding under blankets, daydreaming about Home and temperatures above 17°C. (29°C this morning, apparently.)
And it really shouldn't matter, what with all the great things we've done and seen, and all the time we've spent together and all the laughs we've shared and all the
Well, it does.
It matters and it is driving me up the wall.
So that's that.
I'm shallow and spoiled and cannot focus on what's important in life.
Sorry about that.
All is well, but the weather.