Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today At The Office

Elevator fun.
Pokémon on giant conference screen.
Coffee break.
Soda break.
Pokémon on Lena's computer.
Pizza lunch.
Toy store.
Doodle Jump on Mary's iPhone.
Chewing gum.
Soda break.
Hair cut.

I love my new assistant.
(And his skills with the camera.)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Having It All

I know there's no such thing. And being Swedish I know all about the dangers of being too happy and telling the world (it always backfires, trust me, Swedish heroes are strong, quiet and never talk about themselves). But here's the thing. I feel good. This has been a day full of less-than-Hallmark-moments. It has in fact been a day full of what people like to call "real life" (why do they never say that about good things?) and I am tired and I look old and there's no chocolate in the house. But still. I feel good. I hope you do too.

Thank you for listening.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Supposedly I'm Working

But really. Isn't it time we just stop pretending? Noone here is doing anything useful. We still have loads of things to do, but it seems impossible. I can't think straight. Neither can anyone else. We are faking work. And we will pay dearly next week, when we'll have to cram everything we're not doing right now into five days. But it can't be helped. I'm not here anymore. I'm there. And since we're going down that lane, where in the world are you?

Amy Bennett

I stumbled upon Amy Bennett today. And it made all the difference. The wonderful thing is, she is coming to Stockholm. Or her work is. Either way, I will be (t)here to greet her.

Happy Friday, everyone. Tomorrow is Midsummer over here, so the weekend begins early.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


There's a store in Stockholm called "Life's too short not to wear beautiful things". I've never bought anything there. No matter how short life is, I still can't afford their shoes. But today for different reasons, that phrase has been echoing in my mind. And so I went forth and just did it. I bought art. Art I've loved for long, but have dismissed like I would a pair of pricey shoes. No more. These works will be on my wall and I will look at them and love them and think of today and what I'm feeling now. And much will be better for it, if not everything.

Photo "New York bloom" by Andreas Lind.
Drawing "Little lies" by Jenny Mörtsell. Both to be found here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

You And Me The Royal We

Eight years and one month ago tomorrow. I hope that June 19th 2010 for Crown Princess Victoria will hold all the magic that May 19th 2002 did for me.

Hello Friday

The children are back. It's lovely and messy and lovely again.
And messy.
I can't find anything I'm looking for, it's like they've been gone for weeks.
I have no clue.
Maybe that's why I can't stop looking at that tape.
I crave order.
Order and Japanese masking tape from Papermash.
Today is the end of a week that's been a little bit of everything.
Me away on work.
The kids at MaPa's.
Jesper in Copenhagen.
On Wednesday everyone together again, lump of bliss in my throat.
And then trying to make the kids eat their breakfast and getting dressed without raising my voice.
Or telling people to be quiet.
I didn't do too good a job with that today.
But tonight I will.
Tonight I will hold them in my arms. Hard.
And when they say "enough" I will let go.
And then I will come back for more.

Photo by lovely Lynne at Papermash/Teaforjoy. Go buy her tape!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Jez Sayin

If, and only if, and it's not important, really it isn't. But if my godson's new little sister or brother should in fact turn out to be a sister, I just might have to get her this. No pressure, darling Ansjo. But, you know. A little inspiration maybe.

Clothes from Little Duckling, terrible font but lovely clothes.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vanity Fair Enskede Style

There are some seriously hot mamas in this school. Here pictured is lovely Karin (sporting the very becoming ethnic/folklore look) with young master Acke (sporting a pout).

Media dads enjoying their cake, observing the dress code (beard being de rigeur this season).

And last but not least, the principal, headmaster and Big Boss: the Lovely Lina. (Flanked by cake connoisseur Master J savouring the last bite, ready to offer his verdict.)

A lovely time was had by all!

Mr Big

Your first year in school finished and done with it. And celebrated in grand style with strawberry cake, doting grandparents, flowers, pancakes and water guns. You're a big guy now. You might still be a head shorter than your friends, but to me you're practically humongous. My very own Mr Big. Världens finaste.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bonjour Maturity

This will be the first summer in over twenty years that this place won't be calling my name. My parents sold their summer house a week ago, and that, my friends, is that. I understand why. And change is good. It's just that I'm not very good with change.

But I'm working on it! A summer project of sorts. Yay.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello Friday

It's been a week of people telling me how tough it is.
And it has been.
But not so much for me.
Loved ones had it worse. Long hours, little relief.
Mine was a pretty good one.
Some bumps, sure.
But not the big ones.
Sometimes I find the weeks we enter with the most trepidation turn out to be not half bad.
Maybe it's because we lower our expectations.
We settle for OK and turn our back on bliss.
And OK is pretty good.
The weekend is here but this crazy week won't end until Sunday night.
And Monday morning I might be less content than I am now.
But that's OK.
I'll be OK.
I think we all will.
And that is pretty good.

Thanks for reading. Have a good one.

Green Update For Miss Gray

Peonies working on it. Maybe a week away?

Löjtnantshjärta (Lieutenant's Heart). Pretty flower, pretty name.

Allium? Smells a bit onion-y, not my favourite. But pretty grand.

Weed. But the good kind. It may stay.

Lilacs coming along. Smells like skolavslutning (last day of school).

Lilac lilacs (not too fond of the really dark ones).

Tomatoes! Though badly neglected. They might or might not make it.

Carrots, beets and turnips. Yeah, I know. Turnips. But they looked so pretty! Have to transfer them to the bigger plot tonight, or they will most probably die. God, gardening is hard work. So many weeds, so little time. Such heavy lifting, so little strength. Ah, well. It's still rewarding. And if anything I've planted turns into an edible vegetable, I'll be the proudest gardener on earth. Happy weekend!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Photography

Filmmaker and photographer James Longley. Find him at the daylight factory. And do visit Life Goes On In Tehran, if you haven't.

Dear New Museum

Thanks for starting out in such a grandiose fashion and giving us Annie Leibovitz, Lennart Nilsson and Vee Speers all for the price of one. You are magnificent! And once you get that bar on the top floor running, views over the water, excellent food (as promised), there will be no holding me back.

Crowd pleaser? You betcha.

Photo "My brother Philip and my father" by Annie Leibovitz.