Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello, My Lovelies!

We planted these beans on the First Day of Spring (yep, all part of the new Rituals thing), which really wasn't spring-y at all in this part of the world (see ugly photo right above). Well, apart from the setting the clock back one hour, that is. No wait, forward, right? You know what I mean. More light in the evenings, but waking up one hour earlier?

Anyway. It wasn't springy back then and I wasn't sure this was ever going to work out, but once again Mother Nature strikes back. Look at these little fellas! You can practically see them grow! Blanka keeps checking them for beans every morning, Wilhelm not so much. But they're equally excited about the growth. So am I. Looks like they're on some kind of superfuel. And suddenly I get the urge to cry Cowabunga on the top of my lungs! Cowabunga on y'all, fellow Spring-tonians and hibernators. Spring's on it's way.


Callie Grayson said...

wow they are growing so fast!
I need to get into the garden this weekend and weed and prep!
lots of planning and planting to do!

Meredith said...

Congrats on your spring and your green! You're so full of surprises ... I had no idea a Swede would ever say y'all ;)