Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Because I'm Worth It

It's taking it's time this year, but we're slowly getting there. Days are long, sunny and chilly, the light is here, children wear new sneakers and get them dirty in an instant, my bike purrs like a kitten (or is that me?). Spring has definitely sprung and we're springing with it. Though noone's wearing anything quite as light as Princess May above. She's a good sport, taking one for the team. (Let's just hope it isn't pneumonia.) Either way, it's all getting easier up here. And it was never very hard.

It feels good, all the light and air and green.

I feel good.

Thanks for reading.


Anna said...

cheers to spring!!!!

Aaron Rust said...

spring...such a lovely time of year!

Pamela said...

wait! that was me leaving that comment, not my hubby. heehee

Pamela said...

oh, and i should add those plants are growing like crazy!! so lovely.

Meredith said...

So glad it's greening up for you! That bit about Princess May taking one for the team really made me chuckle ;).