Wednesday, March 11, 2015

And Then We Were Five

She came in late November 2012 and we were ready, boy were we ever ready. I think I had been ready for 38 years. She was tiny and red, bright bright red, and they placed her in her father's arms and whisked them both away and I was left on my own, and very thankful it wasn't my first time on that particular table. "I think I just had a baby" I wrote my friends a couple of hours later, when Jesper came running with a report and my phone. "She's perfect and excellent and doing great" he said, and I cried a little and the tears rolled down my temples and landed safely in my ears. And after hours and hours and hours they rolled me and my bed and the water in my ears up to neo and finally put her in my arms. And then we were five.


elizabeth said...

how lovely :) God bless this young child! nice to see you posting! :) God bless you all!!! cute picture also! :)

Jennie said...