Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Bear Fight

Tomorrow we're looking at a house. A house I like. And thought we could like together. Turns out J's dream home looks very different from mine. Somehow I guess I always knew.

It's like our first real fight. About the superior polar bear.
Of these two very commercial polar bears, who is cool and who is not? The Coke Bear:

Or the Winner Taco Bear?

Now, J has always had a thing for the under dog, whereas I am more of a winner-takes-it-all kind of person.
And anyone in his right mind can see that my bear kicks the little one's ass.

How this applies to our house buying ordeals I don't really know.
But I know that tomorrow the Coke bear will be working all kinds of tricks to avoid J's perfectly sane questions. Like "can we really afford this?" and "do you really want to spend all your waking hours renovating?".

What Would Leo Do? Probably buy the inferior bear and tell him to shut up.

Forever your humble servant,

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