Friday, November 14, 2008

A Civil Suggestion

This has been a week of rudeness. My dear friend E. was told in a meeting that everything she had written was really, really bad. This she was told not in a polite way, but rather in the I-take-pride-in-being-totally-honest-here kind of way. This she was told, I may add, by a person totally lacking in writing (and social) skills. And I know for a fact that what she had written was magnificent. At least great.

The very same day, I had a similar experience when a client called my work "lame" (I'm giving you the naked truth here, embarrassing as it may be). And a few hours later J. was snapped at in the cookie aisle at the supermarket because the kids got in the way for a lady on a mission (Maryland cookies, third shelf).

One wonders, is it time that we revaluate politeness? Could world peace be won by saying "please"? Probably not, no. So what would Leo do? Oh, he'd be forever the gentleman. Until someone trashes Mallory, that is.

So, politeness. I'm at least giving it a try for the holidays.

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