Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cupcakes, Murder And Austen

My dream Christmas always seem to be a mix of grisly murders, cooking and BBC classics. In this, however, I am not alone. We are many that feel the importance of a serious murder investigation and some cupcakes for the holidays. So far, my Amazon wishlist consists of

3 murders
2 Jane Austen
3 edibles (cupcakes and Ruth Reichl)
1 dream of living in the English countryside

This could just as well have been my wishes for last Christmas, it could have been five years ago. It could, in fact, be my mother's wishlist. God.

I wonder what Leo wants for Christmas? Being a realist (him, not me), I don't think World Peace comes high on the list. Maybe just a quiet dinner with Potus and the missus. A nice tie? Nah. Maybe a good eggnog.

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