Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Working)

On Thursday night it will all be good again. Kids will be back home, major presentation will be done, weekend will commence, Friday will be ours. Real life can begin again, not this spell of night-working-bad-eating-and-wearing-comfortable-clothes that I'm under right now. And then I will start daydreaming fulltime about the November trip to London that I am taking with my mother. My mother. Who worries about me. Who takes care of my kids. Who makes me spaghetti and knows that I'm always hungry. Who doesn't guilt trip me into staying the night when I'm really too tired. Who is a mother first, but a very good friend second. My brilliant mamma. It's all good. Thursday will be here soon.

Photo (Anthropologie, London) borrowed from Tea For Joy. Thank you.

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Pamela said...

A trip with your wonderful!