Thursday, September 30, 2010

Go Is For Gotland

Gotland is different. Sweden's largest island.
Home to sheep and tourists and gotlänningar.

The light is different. The weather, the smells, the grass.

The roads are different. Limestone gravel reflected the light,
even in late evening.

It's late September, but somehow the sun wouldn't set.
Felt like summer.

I left the camera at home and took all photos with the iPhone.
That was different as well.

Sommarens sista ros. So fragrant, I wanted to pick it.
Then thought better of it.
Being in the boss's garden and all.

The light on the pebble beach before the sun sets gave everything a purplish hue.
Cold and warm at the same time.

I stood on the moor all alone. It was vast. So was the ocean, waves crashing in at my side.
Still, I felt anything but small.

When the sun set there were whole roasted lamb and local vegetables to feast on.
After ten years without meat, lamb is almost impossibly good.
More to follow. Thanks for stopping by.


Anna said...

Ah, this looks like a piece of heaven on Earth. <3 <3 <3.

Alison said...

Fina, fina bilder. Jag älskar också Gotland.