Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Here

It's November 25th and I'm wearing fur and The Ugly Shoes. A personal best. Last year the snow came on Saint Lucia's Day, December 13, and stayed to the beginning of March. It was like living in a cliché for three months. The Image of Sweden every time you opened the door. I wonder what this winter will be like.


Anonymous said...

I gave my ugly shoes to charity last year in a fit of rage. I have come to regret it. But I am now on the hunt after non ugly shoes that will do the same job. Wish me luck.

Anna Ander said...

Good luck. Muahahahahaha (hellish laughter). I now have shoes that fall into the following categories:

Pretty and cold
Almost pretty and pretty cold
Ugly and warm

Today I sported the Uglies. I'm so happy they are mine!

Anonymous said...

Would you believe my uglies still left my toes cold? Better than the pretties, no doubt, but still! I may have to kill an animal.

Anna Ander said...

I think your best bet for warm toes is something that ends with -el. Like Sorel. Or Merrell. My uglies are ten years old, from Merrell, and they're not waterproof anymore, but they are w a r m. Or kill an animal, by all means do.

Anonymous said...

Had Sorel. Toes turned blue. Just spotted a pair of Merrells a couple of hours ago, that I may have to try on.
Also looking at Pajars, they're waterproof too.
Or Wonders. Not waterproof, but snazzier and woolly on the inside.

RW said...

I kind of like the look you have going on.

We have snow too.

Callie Grayson said...

oh yes, finding shoes that are warm and pretty is difficult. I have given up on finding something that will look glamorous with my furs! hope today I get to wear my grandmothers cap fur.
I agree Merrell are warm. I have a pair of keen that a simple and somewhat warm. I may go for a pair of lands end, they look like farm boots but they keep the feet warm down in the minus temps...
Have a wonderful weekend! keep warm!!