Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Weeks Eats

We like to cook. And eat. But during the week there never seem to be enough time to stand around the stove waiting for divine intervention. So a couple of years ago we started to plan our meals. Come Sunday, we sit down and talk about what we'd like to eat the following week and make a menu. Some items are always included, for example, in winter there's always a soup, there's always a crowd pleaser (something the kids will love) and usually some sort of pasta. Fish is there, so is meat of some kind. We recently bought a lamb from my parents village, now resting peacefully in our freezer, and are waiting for a deer (we're on the "shooting list" and will get it once it's, you know, killed). We try to limit our shopping to once a week and this seem works for us. Now, when people here this there are two reactions:

1. "Oh, we could never do that, I like to be spontaneous and cook what feels right at the moment." To which I always feel like saying bollocks, but never do. I just smile.
2. "Tell me what you're eating! Please! We're desperate!" To which I smile a whole other kind of smile and say sure thing, mister. So here we go. Mary, this one's for you.

Whole chicken, grilled the night before, with rice and lemony sauce that Jesper whipped up and a salad of shredded carrots, cabbage and rödkål.
Chick pea and pasta soup, grilled sandwiches with cheese and mustard.
Falukorv i ugn! Swedish sausage, extremely kid friendly. Baked in the oven with mashed potatoes, sauce bechamel and apples.
Spaghetti with mushrooms (trattkantarell) and bacon, salad as on Monday.
Jamie Oliver's fish pudding. Very winter-y, very good.
Lamb roast with all the trimmings.
Home made pizza. Ah, bliss.

That's it. Will return on Sunday with next weeks menu. Cheerio!


Maria said...

I love you!

RW said...

We aim to menu plan each week. Sometimes we fall off the map.