Monday, January 17, 2011

Grey And A Little Blue

Saturday everything turned grey and yesterday the rain came. It's 4°C and drip drip dripping. Ice everywhere. Blanka fell once on her way to the car and once on her way from it. Driving lesson was a also a bit of a challenge, more like a skating experience than speed and safety.

Photos above from Saturday's excursion to the island where Marylove lives. Very pretty, very different. It's really close to the city, but feels like another continent. The children found the bridge from the mainland exciting going on terrifying. Or should I say "wicked", like Wilhelm did. It was. (And the eggs benedict weren't halfbad either.)

This week holds a lot of work for all of us and I find myself wondering how we will handle it. We could have started off better, for sure. But there's always tomorrow. Right?

Thanks for reading. Happy Monday. No ice for you, I hope.

1 comment:

RW said...

no ice.
a field of green lays before me.
there are weeds sprouting in my front garden.