Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello Friday

Yeah. This was a while ago.
But pulling Blanka home today (on a sleigh, yes, but still) I thought there was a little spring in the air. The days are longer. The sun doesn't set right after sunrise anymore.
We're slowly getting there.
Though tonight was rather wintry. We celebrated Friday with a roast and Wilhelm - the king of McNuggets - asked for "more blood". The child who hasn't eaten a vegetable or tasted a sauce in his life looked at the very red meat and said "Can I have some more blood, please? From under there? I really like the blood." Is he a vampire? Is that why he can't stand carrots? All that karotene reminding him of sunshine?
Another dinner highlight was Blanka, leaning over to peak under my shirt, saying:
"Mommy, your breasts? They used to be longer."
Longer? I still don't know if she offered me a compliment or insulted me.
Jesper's snoring on the couch now and it's time for us to bid this Friday goodnight. I just have to wake him up first (he's really going to appreciate that).
Hello Friday. Goodnight, Friday.
You've been a good one.


RW said...

happy weekend to you and yours.
we have tons of green here.

Callie Grayson said...

:) This had me laughing, very hard. "more blood please" funny!
I am with you on noticing the wee bit longer days:)
It has been so icy here, haven't been on a proper walk with the pup in weeks. and this week is going to be even worse.....I will just have to dream of sun.


Anna said...

hahaha laughing out loud. at work. people are looking at me, but it's so funny!

love it & cheers to spring!