Wednesday, July 13, 2011

As Roadtrips Go

...this was one of the very best. Just look at my co-driver, chocolate shake in hand courtesy of moi.

As photos go, this trip features some of the worst I've taken. The kids were very pretty, though. And many.

Becks's house in the country is more estate than cabin. It has everything. Plus the view. (No, you can't tell from my photos. See note above about worst-ness.)

Which suited us and kids just fine. Poolside champers, anyone?

Marylove and I showed our gratitude by skinnydipping in the quarry. Becks may or may not have appreciated the splendour of our gesture. The kids barely raised an eyebrow.

A lovely time was had by all! Thank you, darling Rebecca!


RW said...

How lovely to see your shining face!

Anna Ander said...

What? Where?!

Pamela said...

Can I come next time?! Pretty please with a strawberry on top?

Anna Ander said...

You bet!