Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 18 Duxford Imperial War Museum

Nothing says holiday as Imperial War Museum. Right? Oh, sea and sand, you say? Ye of little faith. This actually turned out to be very good. (And we couldn't go to the beach, could we? Being stuck in November, all of a sudden.) The Imperial War Museum (the Brits are terrific with the grand names) is situated in Duxford, on one of the airfields where the Battle of Britain actually took place (ok, it took place above the airfield, but you already figured that out).

Here's Wilhelm being patriotic (on behalf of his new homeland, the UK) in front of a Spitfire. We both agreed that war does seem a little exciting at a distance. DISCLAIMER: This was in regard to spies and what they wore and if in the French resistance, would you actually carry a baguette and wear a beret and a moustache or would it be better to just be dead quiet and pretend you couldn't talk at all? This was not in regard to anything real. We are not awful. We just have vivid imagination.

At the end there was Churchill everywhere, so of course I cried (see, not awful, most compassionate). And there was a photo of a little girl being rescued from a bomb site in London that had Blanka in tears and asking about her for hours afterwards. We went home to English pork sausages for dinner, though, and by her fourth she was ok again.

And all the while the rain kept falling.

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RW said...

hey hey.
it is kind of like you are here with me in the rain.
thinking of you.