Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And Then A Hero Comes Along

Yes hello, this is me doing my "It comes very natural to me, being both serene and fabulous while looking into the great unknown accompanied by this snow leopard" look. All for the benefit of my reader(s). Enjoy!

Yes, well, sorry about the Whitney Houston. No wait, let me rephrase that (why should anyone ever be sorry about Whitney Houston? Sorry for, maybe, but's that's another blog post entirely). Let's start over. Sorry about the cheesy headline (yes, much more appropriate), but MAN did pinkshoeknits save the day today. Man! You see, I had just given up. I was just about to finish this thing up and then BAM! New and appreciative reader appears as if sent from above. Deus ex machina! (This little piece of Latin is for my beloved Ansjo, who enjoys a literary high school reference once in a while. Not that she ever reads this blog, but I digress.) Anyway. There I was, feeling sorry for myself and the fact that my humongous literary talent (not to mention the very artsy iPhone photos) (iPhone 4 that is, as you probably can tell, even sadder, huh?) is all but being ignored by the masses and thinking that enough is enough and let's call it a bloody day already. And then BAM (as previously stated), there she was. BAM BAM BAM. And so here I am. Back and back and back and you can't stop me and I will NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT. God, you hate her now, don't you? Poor pinkshoeknits. But I love her! I will always love her! I will be saving all my love for her! It will be the greatest love of all! Oh, I wanna dance with somebody! No, seriously, I do.

Just realized that if "Then a hero comes along" isn't a Whitney Houston song, this post pretty much lose all the "fun". Especially the discography of the last sentences above. Oh well, can't be helped. My love is your love and so on.


Anna Ander said...

Oh crap, it's Mariah Carey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
You can't stop blogging! I check in every few days from Los Angeles to see how your beautiful life and children are doing. Just can't get that beautiful cold weather here in LA. Please keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you were having a bad day, but thank you for brightening mine.
The sun will come out To-mo-rrow -(except here) - bet yer bottom dollar !

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see. I have been replaced!
Well, maybe I'll write a novel to express all the sadness and emptiness I feel inside...

Anna Ander said...

Stacey, hello! Nice to meet you! I promise I won't stop now, a little encouragement was all I needed. I'm back on track. Many thanks!

And do please write a novel, dear Mr Anonymous Never To Be Replaced! But you have to wait a couple of weeks, remember?

The sunllcomeout TOMARRAH!