Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Greek Week In 12 Really Bad And Very Touristy Photos PART 1

The inflight entertainment: One Nintendo, one hedgehog. Oh, and Wilhelm got to shake the captain's hand before takeoff. The hedehog hoarder was more into folding her tray up and down.

From plane to pool, where we spent most of our Greek week. This is the only photo I can show you though, since Blanka sported nothing more than her birthday suit for most of the time and I simply cannot expose you to our Swedish indecency like that.

The kids made friends in like two minutes and (thank you, Lord) the friends' had very nice parents who took all sorts of good care of me. Thank you, Lisa and Johan!

Please don't fall into the abyss, child of mine. Your father will be most upset with me.
Oh, how I wish that I could show you the beach and the waves and all. But all photos contain naked Swedish children, and half of them aren't even my own, so no. You'll have to picture the sand and the little crabs and the shells all by yourself.

It was a very good week. A brilliant week. The iPhone photos taken in 34°C heat and blaring sunlight don't do Crete any justice at all. But trust me, it was good. Ok, stay tuned for part 2 of Our Greek Week In 13 Really Bad And Very Touristy Photos!

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