Friday, February 3, 2012

Sea Of Good

I've been a little off track. It can happen, I guess.
Though when it happens to me I always get really surprised.
But I think I'm back.
I think I'm me again.
Hoping for new and improved version.
Or same old, same old. That would be fine too.
When the kids are having a period of more drama than usual we always refer to it as an utvecklingsperiod. A period of rapid development.
A period of learning new things and adjusting to all that new.
I've decided that that's what I've been having too.
En utvecklingsperiod.
And just as we do with the kids, I sigh deeply and say Pray God, it's over.
No more utveckling for a while.
Let me just stay in this feeling.
Let me just keep swimming in this sea of good.
I'm tired and I need the rest.
Happy Friday, everyone.

1 comment:

RW said...

oh. I love that phrase.
Me too. I have been a little off the game plan.