Monday, February 20, 2012

Let The Sun Shine In (On Expensive Porkers)

This is what our summer hols (when in Rome etc) looked like.
Beautiful. Enchanting. Exciting. Cold. British.
We're hoping for something warm and sunny this year.
You know, a little less interesting. More predictable.
Something summer-y.
Though the kids adapted well to rule Britannia.
They're still hooked on British sausages, which are a little hard to find over here.
"This is very expensive food", Wilhelm informed his friend over the lamb & rosemary Cumberlands this evening.
"Really?", Noah answered with interest and had some more.
I'm hoping for sun this summer.
Sun and very expensive food.

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ElizaHennessey said...

Come to Michigan! You can go from mountain to sunny hot lake all within a few hours!