Thursday, March 22, 2012

Confession Time Or The Ugly Truth Or Bonfire Of The Vanities

So, here we go, confession time:
The reason I'm not here anymore?
It's so ugly.
It's so ugly I can't stand it. I know, I know, I know. It's never been very pretty and it's not a design blog and why should it even matter and bla bla bla but it does. It really does.
I have things to say and stories to tell, but I find myself dreading the ugliness of this place and avoiding it pretty much at all cost.
And that's just a crying shame.
Because this place has been beautiful and important (well, to me) in oh so many ways and I really shouldn't discard it just because it doesn't look good anymore. How vain and superficial am I? (Oh, lots, it seems.)
You see, everytime I enter this space and see the ugly heading I just cringe and look away. And we can't have that anymore. This is the only writing I do without getting paid and I'd hate to let it go. I need to be here, I think.
Starting today I'm on a mission to find someone who can help me transform this space into something that looks more like home. A clever designer with an hour or two to spare and a mission to create a heading that feels just right.
Until I do find that person and the right idea and the right feeling and all, I'll go back to regular posting just to show that I'm not all about looks. You know, in case you'd gotten me all wrong or summat (sorry, saw Jamie Oliver last night, can't help myself). So there's that. That's that. That's it. That's all. Thanks for your fantastic patience, if you're still there.


Anonymous said...

hi! i rarely ever comment (and feel bad for just consuming) but i love your blog and writing! and i don't think it's ugly at all! your garden and beach pictures always make me smile - plus: your kids are cute :)
carry on!
xo irina

ElizaHennessey said...

I know what you mean though about the headline. I like your page, but I am constantly thinking of changing mine. You'll figure it out. In the meantime, don't abandon us!!


Anna said...

Anna, I'm no professional, nor am I super design savvy. (Not like my design idols, you Swedes...) but I'd love to help you out! Honestly, truly, whole-heartedly, I'd be honored to help create a space to showcase your words. Because your words are beautiful, and deserve to be framed on the most beautiful of walls.

just shoot me an email, lovely lady!

Anna said...

p.s. that picture? i die.

Anna Ander said...

Thank you. All of you. Thank you so much. And Anna, you just landed yourself a client. Yee-haaa!

RW said...

oh my dear.
I get what you are putting down but, I like visiting here. do what you need to do.

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