Monday, March 5, 2012

I Have Plans

It's getting rude. This non-blogging thing I've got going.
I'm sorry. I'll be better! I promise! I will!
Thanks for asking, though.
We are all well.
And I have plans for this space.
Plans that somehow make it hard to sit down and write.
But all of these excuses really are no excuses at all.
I shall return.
New and improved.
Thank you for your patience.

Photo from Porthleven this summer. The one day it didn't rain.


ElizaHennessey said...

We will wait, patiently! Life kind of makes the blog thing fade into the background sometimes! I just switched mine over to Wordpress... but I still haven't posted anything!

Those little houses are lovely!! More of your Cornwall adventure?


Anna said...

I'm very, very excited! : )

take your time, sweet friend.

RW said...

I too will just sit and wait and see what you have got cooked up.

I am very patient my friend. Not to worry.