Thursday, October 18, 2012

Extraordinary Ordinary

Thanks to a midwife and doctor who have seen me pregnant before, a supportive family and the Swedish healthcare system (I LOVE YOU ALL), I'm now on sick leave. I stopped working a couple of weeks ago and fill my days with a mix of pain, nesting, nausea and happiness. It never ceases to amaze me that I live in a place where I can do this without putting my family at risk. We're not going to end up on the street just because I can't work. I know our system isn't perfect, what system is, but the way Sweden takes care of its mothers-to-be gives me hope. We might be doing a whole lot of things wrong, but this, this we're doing just right.

So our days pass a little differently than usual, but then again, they have been for the last seven months or so. 2012 will be definitely be named The Year Of Pregnancy in our book. Just as 2003 was. And the bigger part of 2006. It's just how I work (or rather, my body). I still find it nothing short of amazing that there are women, most women actually, who go about being pregnant like it's no biggie. Happy, many of them, and bigger around the waist. But apart from that... business as usual. Amazing. No throwing up? At all? No hospital, no IV lines, no nothing? Yes, amazing. But I digress, I was going to tell you about our days. The extraordinary ordinariness of our days.

Oh, but I can't! Sorry. Turns out it's time to pick B up from pre-school. Yes, well, ok, sorry about that. Will be back.


RW said...

well looky here!
I had all but given up on your blog... I say that in the kindest - gentlest of ways...
so good to hear and see you again.
so much going on
we have a reprieve from the rain today so the plan is the teens and Thomas are going to put up our christmas lights while the roof is dry.
mr. w is very grumpy these past few days so my plan is to stay out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Look what happens when I turn my back on you! I missed it! And I swear I've been checking up on you, eagerly awaiting the new you - which you've come up with in spades. Best wishes to all of you, spend your days in your duvet if you feel like it and no guilt required. Pregnancy insomnia is sent to prepare us for what's ahead (in case you've forgotten). Oh new babies are so exciting - can you tell I became a grandma recently. I don't know how that happened because I'm sure my daughter is only 8. It's great to have you back!

ElizaHennessey said...

My goodness, that tummy! I am glad to hear you are resting and just enjoying life before you become 5! What a wonderful time and a wonderful time you have to come!


Anna Ander said...

Thank you! All of you! Oh, if you could only see how happy it makes me to be back here again and to have YOU back here again. Thanks for not giving up on me! Good luck with the Christmas lights and the grumpiness today, dear Ramone. And congrats on becoming a grandmother, Pinkshoe! How wonderful. Elizbeth, your support makes the insomnia a whole lot less intimidating. Thank you all.

Ia Y said...

I think your belly looks fantastic! And I'm a bit envious of you and the whole pregnancy thing... Sometimes I want a third as well, just because I love being pregnant (and the maternity leave...). And the baby, aahh, the lovely little baby.

Kram kram

Anna Ander said...

TACK! Kram!