Tuesday, February 17, 2009

17 Things On The 17th

  1. I've had it with the cold. Bring on spring, please.
  2. The weather brings out the worst in me, style wise. I look like someone's grandmother. Skipper (who keeps track on what everyone wears around the office) will soon lose all faith in me.
  3. I find it increasingly difficult to wake up in the mornings. I'm more like the November version of me than the February one.
  4. Tomorrow it's Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere up here in the North, and I'm seriously psyched. Is that very sad?
  5. I found the above featured photo on the Sartorialist today. It looks exACTtly like my friend Anton. That did cheer me up quite a bit.
  6. Anton and his wife (pretty people marry young) are going to Dubai for a week.
  7. That's probably the most glamourous thing I've heard this year.
  8. Anton, Tina and freakin' Lawrence Of Arabia.
  9. I'm so into The Wire now that I find it hard not to finish every sentence with "Shorty". Or indeed "Shawty".
  10. But then again, my husband does find that immensly attractive.
  11. Today we had a new guy instead of our regular massage dude (therapist) at work. "Can I manipulate you?" he asked.
  12. "By all means try", I replied.
  13. It was very painful.
  14. Turns out he's from Norway and a chiropractor. They speak funny and do the darndest things.
  15. But now I'm very bendy. Who knew.
  16. Today I'm going to be calm, cool and collected when picking up the kids.
  17. Must not tell lies, must not tell lies, must not tell lies.

Leo finds lists like this a terrible waste of time. Leo thinks I should just get on with what has to be done or at least run for office or plant a tree or make apfel strudl. But I'm afraid that Leo sometimes is a big bore.

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