Saturday, February 28, 2009

The New Zen

We found the house. And now we've sold the apartment. We've found a school for Wilhelm, but no pre-school for Blanka (she's number 90 on their list, muahahahaha). We're moving a whole lot sooner than we thought and la sweet cousine is getting married right in the middle of it, about a thousand miles away and my hotel reservation seem to have been cancelled. But do I fret? Is my neck all red and blotchy? Is there a hint of panic in my voice? Do you find me packing through the night? Oh, No. I'm positively buddhist these days. It's the new me. I'm so calm it's frustrating. And I love it.

Leo enjoys it too.

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Soffan said...

Globenkulan för Blanka? Blir det fältets skola för lille W?