Thursday, February 26, 2009

Really Very Interesting

Today is Question Day! I have haircuts on my mind, the middle aged haircut to be specific. There seem to be in Sweden a certain age when women cut their hair short. After which, with hardly any exceptions to the rule, they look like this:

This haircut is de rigeur for Swedish women after 40. And I wonder why? What happens that day at the hairdressers? Is it the Swedish woman's practical nature that wins a lifelong fight with vanity and just conquers all? For let me tell you, after this move there is no going back. This is the haircut Swedish women wear from here to eternity.

So tell me, will this ever happen to you? Does it happen to women where you live? Is there a male equivalent? And what would Leo do? Talk to me.


Donna S. said...

Oh yes. Of course my hair is sooo thin it should have been cut short long long ago!!!!!!!

Maria said...

What if it is like this: You turn 40 or I'd rather say it's the age of 45, cause 40 feels very much too soon.
It depends on your frinds! If they have short hair, you go and cut your yourself. As we say in Swedish, the pressure of groupthinking. So: Stay close with friends of loooong hair!

Dionne said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! It was so sweet!

Hmmmm... it's true - most women I know over the age of 40 have short hair - I don't think it's just a Swedish thing - I've seen it here in the US, and also in my native Australia. But I think there are lots of women in their 40s that would great with long hair too - I guess it depends on the shape of your face.

lisa said...

det finns en mycket träffande rocky-strip om just detta!

Sofia N said...

Nu har du trampat i det blå skåpet raring, det där är MIN frisyr, och jag känner mig trampad på mina tår. Hrrmpf.
Kolla in min nya bildblogg förresten!

eyebuzz fine art said...

This is exactly what I feared most last week when I cut my hair, again. I'm really fearful of looking like "the mom". As if the six kids won't give it away first.
Nice to meet you!