Monday, May 4, 2009

Boy, She's Good

This is how my aunt travels. This is what she wears when flying to Switzerland for a wedding. This is how effortlessly she carries herself. I'm so in awe. I couldn't pull this off in a million years.

Leo can't believe I wear sneakers and call myself a lady, but he does appreciate the fact that I'll never be as tall as CJ. Even with stilettos.


Anonymous said...

Learning to walk in stilletos is about as impossible for me as learning to knit. I have tremendous respect for anyone able to do either one!

Anna Ander said...

Dear Maverick,

I have to let you know that I've tried to comment on no less than three of your posts (all of them very interesting) to no avail. I'm going a little crazy with the non-communication here, so I'm hoping someday you'll see this and all will be good in the hood. I'm so hearing you on the smoothies, the EU election and mrs Berlusconi.