Friday, May 8, 2009

Dear Cesar Millan

If I get one of your "Pack leader" t-shirts and wear it constantly, do you think my kids will get who's top dog?

Or do I have to do the calm and assertive thing as well? Maybe I'll just stick to my old routine of tender love, lost temper and excellent meatballs.

Leo thinks dogs are a nuisance. Or does he? I will shower whoever gets this right with a Swedish gift bonanza. Good luck!


Dionne said...

If Leo is anything like me, he likes dogs when they belong to someone else, hahahahah.

The Rat said...

Ah but i think Leo is a dog lover - doesn't he have 2 or 3 or something...?

Anna Ander said...

Rat! If you know this you just might be the biggest West Wing buff I've ever encountered! I'm giving it a day or two more to see if say, Lisa, wants to give it a try. But so far it seems you're the lucky winner!

lisa said...

oj! det vet inte jag. är lite rädd för hundar och kommer sällan ihåg dem. är imponerad av the rat!

(the rat - i'm impressed! you win.)

The Rat said...

Do i really? woweeee!
how lovely, i needed cheering up this week :)

Anna Ander said...

Dear Rat,

You have impressed us all with your amazing West Wing knowledge and I congratulate you on your win! Email me at so I can send you all kinds of exctiting things.