Friday, May 8, 2009

Capital Disappointment

On the third day I rose from the dead and conquered the sofa. Imagine my disappointment when the first Oprah episode was on DOGS. And the second on the ECONOMIC CRISIS. I almost wanted the fever back.

Leo understands this. When three sick days a year are the only time you get to see daytime tv, you surely don't want it to be about Davos. Or puppies.


Aymo said...

get well soon! was this the consequences of switzerland? and true there's nothing like dayitme TV, the unemployed can confirm!

Anna Ander said...

Thanks Aymo! I'm feeling better by the minute. But I'm embracing this opportunity to watch Emmerdale, Top Chef (finale!), Oprah and Top Model all in a row. If only there was a What Not To Wear as well, then my life would be complete.

Dionne said...

OH no! What a wasteful Oprah! LoL.