Friday, June 5, 2009

Tramps Like Us

Baby, we were so born to run! My feet are still numb from all the running I did last night. Running and jumping. Jumping and dancing. Dancing in the dark, in fact ('cause you can't start a fire without a spark).

Having said that, let me share with you a picture of the elements. My God, it rained. It rained so bad. It poured, masses of water came crashing down. It was more of a waterfall than it was weather. It was massive. Grey, wet and bitterly cold.

To cheer our American guests up a bit, the Stockholm Stadion had the starspangled banner up and running. It looked very sad. It looked cold. But not us, no. We looked great. 30 000 happy maniacs, all dressed in plastic. Very pretty.

And mr Boss looked pretty good himself. Skipper says she's going to marry le Bruce. Turns out her husband wants to marry him too, so they should be in for a treat. (Throw in Patti as well, there's no end to the possibilities.)

The camera's still not fixed, hence the awful cell phone pictures. But tallyho, what a night.

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