Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello Friday

The children are back. It's lovely and messy and lovely again.
And messy.
I can't find anything I'm looking for, it's like they've been gone for weeks.
I have no clue.
Maybe that's why I can't stop looking at that tape.
I crave order.
Order and Japanese masking tape from Papermash.
Today is the end of a week that's been a little bit of everything.
Me away on work.
The kids at MaPa's.
Jesper in Copenhagen.
On Wednesday everyone together again, lump of bliss in my throat.
And then trying to make the kids eat their breakfast and getting dressed without raising my voice.
Or telling people to be quiet.
I didn't do too good a job with that today.
But tonight I will.
Tonight I will hold them in my arms. Hard.
And when they say "enough" I will let go.
And then I will come back for more.

Photo by lovely Lynne at Papermash/Teaforjoy. Go buy her tape!


Jennie said...

I crave order too. In fact I have just spent thousand of kroner on order in the form of more shelves, and containers for those shelves. It's not me that's the messy one, it's those messy bastards I live with. Well, mostly them.

RW said...

I love that tape.
Happy Friday to you.
Enjoy the mess.