Friday, October 29, 2010

The Kind Of Mother I Am

Blanka and Wilhelm found their baby journals yesterday (another reason not to clean the house too often: everything looks very interesting and inviting afterwards). And they were delighted at first and not so much after a second when they realised that the books were more or less empty. "But Mommy, why?" Not my favourite words in the world. But what am I supposed to tell them? "You cried so much, blessed child of mine, that my head wasn't properly screwed on for the first six month of your life?" Or "You see, as child number two there really wasn't that much focus on your daily progress, my hands were full, literally speaking." I opted out for the "Hohum, tiddlepom, oh what's that out the window?"

Maybe one day I'll print this blog for them to read instead. A baby book of sorts. With a little editing.


Kathleen said...

I made the lovely mistake of keeping a beautiful book of Tessa's first year. Now every time we look at it, she says, "Mama, you should really make one of these for Calder!"
Yes. But please don't tell him that.

Meredith said...

I'm this kind of mom, too. Sigh. Maybe worse, though, because the idea of keeping a book for the second hadn't even crossed my mind until now!

Anna said...

i'm the youngest so my mom didn't even bother buying a book, ha!

they will so happy you made this blog- what lucky kids!