Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm Giving You A Hug Just Like This

Today it's -12°C, -18°C when I left home this morning. (Fahrenheit readers: This is very cold.)
I pull the children home from school on a sleigh. On a sleigh. Positively Laura Ingalls.
The advent calendar I've been bragging about is a triumph (more brag). Will take pictures today.
Yes, the reason for the bad photos lately is the lack of light.
You really can't blame me for that.
To please my mother (ha! good one!) I have made a wishlist on A Christmas drenched in books is a good Christmas to me.
We are going to Egypt.
To Egypt!
Unfortunately there's been a shark incident this week and now I'm hiding all newspapers from Wilhelm. Someone was apparently eaten.
So now Egypt spells fear to me in three different ways:
Bankruptcy. Food poisoning. Shark attack.
This should be an exciting trip.


RW said...

Egypt. When?
I am all over celcius. It caused quite a stir whilst I was in Denver.

We are back to green and rain rain rain.

Meredith said...

That looks like a great hug! You pull the kids home on a sleigh? That's worth the cold. Egypt! Exciting.

Anna said...

yowzas, that is flippin' cold!! Laura Ingall's is totally smiling down on your awesome mothering. (as am i, but rather, across the pond) i mean, you are seriously a rad mom!

Egypt? that is absolutely dreamy. Get ready to be warmed up, really warmed up! : ) Sun=Love.