Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Night

My father and I had dinner at my grandmother's tonight. My cousins were there and it was good to see them, so very good. Grandma is getting old and the young'ns are becoming all grown up. We laughed a lot, and teased each other and laughed some more. It was good. It made me miss our cousins in Switzerland, who are also all grown up, getting married, finishing school. I'm older than all of them, but somehow it doesn't seem to matter.

My dad is spending the night here, Saint Lucia celebration at kindergarten tomorrow. I can hear him and Jesper talking about Julian Assange, dad watching the news, Jesper ironing tomorrow's shirt. I hear them enjoy each other's company. I feel lucky.

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Helene said...

ha....I read this post now and I miss you too!!!I was indeed imagining you all together and thinking how I would have loved to be there with you... before reading the sentence about us ;)

God Jul min kära kusin