Monday, December 6, 2010

This Weeks Eats

My mother came to town on a surprise visit. My best kind of surprise. I surprised her right back with making gingerbread cookies as she walked through the door, the children white with flour, jumping up and down and rubbing it off on her coat. Everybody happy. And the house smells like Christmas.

Jesper made us fried cod for dinner. So fresh it fell to pieces, we emptied the plates in minutes. (Jennie, it was supposedly fished where it's not extinct. Yes, I can hear myself, sorry. But oh, how good it was.)

Everything is still covered in snow. It's so pretty and the iPhone really doesn't do it justice. But I will post you a whole bunch of photos tomorrow, anyway, because it's like living in a fairytale right now. Weatherwise, that is.

We decorated the gingerbread skyscraper my father and the children made a week ago. A lion, a camel and a parrot moved in. And we dusted it and ourselves with sugar and made little clouds of snow out of cotton.

And I quit my job.

Fried cod, dipped in French mustard, eggs and breadcrumbs. Peas and potatoes. Gingerbread.
Ratatouille, rice, sausages: lamb with rosemary, veal with truffles, crunchy winter salad.
Chickpea and leek soup, grilled sandwiches.
Swedish potato pancakes with lingonberries, salad as before.
Homemade burgers (lamb?) with all the trimmings.


Jennie said...

Oh my god, am I that transparent? Like I told Emi recently, I think I need to help to keep my doomsday rhetoric fresh! Now hiring, and hey look - you quit your....what?!

Lucy, 'splain please.

btw totally ok with sustainable cod! I made fish 'n' chips last new year's, think that tradition is here to stay!

So, that job...

elizabeth said...

wow; big line in there; all the best wishes for you in this. Not easy times. How wonderful that your Mother came to town.

Meredith said...

Your menus always make me feel wildly inadequate. also, I thought swedes eating potato pancakes with lingonberries was a total cliche, like that one about them carting their children home from daycare in sleds through a winter wonderland :).

I hope congratulations are in order regarding the job??? I would love to do the same thing right now ... right at this moment!