Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Berlin Two (When Blogs Collide)

Dear readers, meet Aymo. Or Aymeric, also known as Lovely French Guy. Aymo has been a friend of Leo's forever and ever, thanks to Emi and LFTC. (I have so many things to thank Emi for right now that it qualifies for a post on it's own. And she needs your lovin' today, so stop by and say hi.) Anyway. I was in Berlin Monday night and so was my dear friend Aymeric. He lives there now. And if he had his blog up and running he would probably tell you why, but I won't. See, I'm discrete like that. Let's just say that Milan hasn't been the same since he left. But I digress, again. It was lovely to meet a friend I'd never met! We greeted each other like long lost family and started off the conversation where we left it last time. I love this. Just like seeing Jennie of Copenhagen Follies this summer in Stockholm, lovely lovely (read all about it here). Internet's a beautiful thing. So is Aymo. Bonne chance au travail, mon ami!

PS. This is the least terrible picture of me and probably the least flattering of Aymeric. I know, huh. Unbelievable.


Jennie said...

Blog love all around. Lovely.

Anna Ander said...

It IS, isn't it? World peace and all that.