Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh Joy!

There is something almost ridiculously exciting about receiving a parcel like this in the mail. Look at the stamps! See how someone has taped my adress on the front after printing it. Look at the Air Mail sticker! I'm ten years old again.

And that's probably how old I was the first time I read this. I loved it. And I haven't read it since, and never in English. Oh, this could be really good!

One episode – tops – of The Wire tonight, I need to tuck in early. Haha, I can't wait for ten o'clock!

Leo thinks I'm being just a little bit silly. Not to say emotionally challenged.


Dionne said...

Oh i love packages. And wow, that's a lot of stamps!

I love your story on my blog about your dress. You should post about that story and how you ended up with your husband!

Aymo said...

Were you as happy getting it as I was when I read your comment??? xx

Anna Ander said...

Wow! Sweet Aymo, sweet Dionne. It's really something to have personal cheerleaders. Thanks.

Anna Ander said...

And can I just add that there's no way I read this at ten. Maybe at fifteen? It's really not a book for tenyearolds. Though very good.

Lynne said...

Looks like a lovely book. Oh, and I would love to see a picture of your chandelier with the paper birds!

Miranda Robertson said...

Ah, a kindred spirit!