Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello New Year

You're very cold and beautiful so far. Hope we'll get closer as the days pass.

We're still off from work and school and manage very well to let the days go by without doing anything. It's a sleepy time. If I could wear my pyjamas all day long I would. Tomorrow I'm taking the kids down to Midsomer for a couple of days. I have high hopes for more sleep and tea and some Christmas reading there.

I will be funny again when I'm back to my senses. Blame the overeating and relaxation of the holidays. My brain is mush.


RW said...

Midsummer is a place?
I thought it was a time.

curious minds want to know.

Anna Ander said...

Haha, it's me who can't spell, sorry about that. Midsummer is a time, Midsomer is a place. As in Midsomer Murders:

It is also what I call the village my parents live in.

Anna said...

my brain is mush, too! ; ) so no worries!!

have fun with your sweet little ones!

Jane said...

Happy New Year!