Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Hate To Say It

...but this book keeps disappointing me. It seemed perfect. So pretty, so full of food and good writing. What could possibly go wrong? Snore, snore, double snore. It's boring, that's what. I mean to read a bit every night before I fall asleep, and as long as she keeps talking about the farmer's markets and eating in the season and missing coffee, I'm all ears. But then there's always a chapter on GM foods and heirloom grapefruits and bla bla bla and I just want to scream. What is wrong with me? This book has "Anna" written all over it. Maybe I'm turning into something new and horrible? Maybe this non-recommendation of a book, my first ever, is a sign of something very disturbing? Like me losing interest in the world of heirloom fruit? Sweet potato, I hope not.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I always skimmed over all the parts that got too technical. And there's a lot of stuff I already new, fact-wise. But I really enjoyed her seasonal reflections, not to mention her informative turkey-sex chapter. In short, it made me want to move into the country side and go AWOL from modern life. But I know how you feel. I always feel like such a freak when I just don't "get" a book that everyone's raving about!

RW said...

You know I skimmed this book too. I liked the general premise, but she lost me a couple of times.

Anna Ander said...

See, I feel much better now. It's a very good thing, to be surrounded by your wisdom. Will definitely read the turkey-sex chapter tonight.