Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh Yes, Indeed

This turned out to be everything the trailer promised. Pure delight. My grin was of Cheshire Cat size. Go see. It'll be a better week if you do. And when you have, I'll be here waiting to have the most interesting discussion about the Older Man, and all that comes with. So go see!


Anonymous said...

Oh this is killing me. When did it have biograf premiere i Sverige? I'm so upset. Danish instructor, you'd think they were interested in getting it to Denmark early, wouldn't you? But no, it's first at the theatres in APRIL! And we can already buy it from Amazon in MARCH! Does that make any sense? I'm off to make a ruckus now. Can't wait to see it.

Anna Ander said...

What?! That's just WRONG. It opened here last week, I think. Make a ruckus, please do. It will be worth it. This is pure enchantment.

RW said...

It is on my list to see. We just watched Crazy Hearts.