Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where's Waldo

Spot the kid in this picture and win a years supply of frost bites! Seriously, this snow ordeal we've been battling (since early December no less) is getting kind of old. If only my family were of a more outdoorsy nature, but no. They like their comfort. They thrive indoors. And who I am to force them into the dangers of the great wide open? Jesper went to buy some more wood for the fireplace last night. The girl in our store just laughed. It's like Nella Last's War out there. People stocking up on food and wood, no trains running, all conversations steered toward one thing. We are under siege.


RW said...

thanks for the update.
will pray for a big melt soon.

Anna Ander said...

Can I add that today the temperature dropped to -4°F/-21°C... That is just absurd. We should have the Olympics in my backyard! And you guys are headed for Maui. Have some warmth for me.