Thursday, February 11, 2010

People Of The Pole

We went out to work on the snow castle after dinner. Still so much winter here. So much snow and darkness. And this poor boy, could it be the lack of sunshine that's affecting his eyes? Or is it scurvy? I could probably sell him for good money him to a traveling circus.

And did you know that when the flash goes off in your face like this, practically all your wrinkles disappear? It does look a bit like I'm growing a moustache, but I'll take that over wrinkles anyday. Fantastic camera.


Jennie said...

Fantastic tip about the wrinkles/flash! Thanks doll. Ain't gettin' younger, that's fo sho.

Miranda Robertson said...

This picture is beautiful. You look like a Swedish princess.

Anna said...

haha--scurvy! my friends sister DID just have scarlet fever--crazy, i know!! ; )


Jane said...

Great tip on the flash! I've just been photoshopping the heck out of my pictures! We have so much snow we don't know what to do with it! Another five inches predicted today!