Monday, March 15, 2010

Have A Bite

I went to school today with Wilhelm. And I was bored. Maybe it wasn't the best day to visit, they had a fire drill and things were pretty much planned around that. But still. The first class was about What Did You Do This Weekend and What Day Is It Today? With a room full of sixyearolds, minds bursting with creativity, stories to tell, things to learn, how can that possibly be boring? It could.

But maybe it's me. Maybe it's like that time that I never told you about, when we were looking at schools for Wilhelm, and I had to lock myself in the bathroom so the other parents wouldn't see me crying? (We decided that that was not the school for us.)

Maybe I'm too naïve. Maybe I want too much. Maybe it's my own school years playing tricks with me again, wanting Wilhelm's experience to be so much better. I don't know. But it felt like such a waste, all these bright minds and no energy, no oxygen, no inspiration.

Oh, well. Maybe it was the fire drill. Maybe I have no clue. Maybe I was just being Miss Drama again.


Kathleen said...

and on the flip side, we've found a perfect school, a wonderful school where the kiddos are happy and learning and do so well - and tuition is half our take-home pay. how do we justify that? how do we not?
good luck...

Jane said...

Trust your gut...chances are, if you're bored so are the kids. Try another day at a different time and see what you get. Mondays are tough to get back into the routine. good luck :)