Friday, March 26, 2010

Lady Day Waffles

We surprised the kids with waffles for breakfast on Marie Bebådelsedag/Lady Day/Annunciation. Waffles are a big deal over here, and for breakfast? Let's just say that my little heathens were very happy to hail Mary this way. Wilhelm and I had a great discussion about why we celebrate this day and where the waffles come in and how about the sperm, Mom? Does it take a lot or just a little? An educational breakfast if ever there was one.

Have a happy Friday night. Thanks for reading.


Anna said...

hahaha! so adorable! happy weekend & happy lady day! : )

RW said...

we are in for a crazy weekend.

good on you for making waffles.

Callie Grayson said...

love waffles myself, don't get them very often.
Hope the rest of your weekend is just as marvelous!

garden update: it's starting to warm up, my 1 million lily bulbs are sprouting, so I need to transplant them in other areas and EEEEE exciting my peonies just popped out of the ground today!! I have been keeping my eye out for them. I need to plant snow drops for next year on my list!!
I need to start planning the design back there and photograph!!


Jane said...

My kids love waffles...not my favorite to make.