Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello Friday

It's getting close to five o'clock and the office is winding down. There's wine and fruit salad in the kitchen and noone's really working.
I'm going home.
I've been homesick this week. It's been a good one, but still.
I miss my guys.
But tonight will bring Friday Night Dinner. Jesper started making it last night and from the looks of the leek&beans, it has every chance of being a Significant Meal.
And there will be ice cream and popcorn.
Wilhelm and I will continue the book we started making yesterday. Or not. It's called The Water Iguana and the Dolphins. It's very good.
Blanka will be tired.
So will I.
I will put her to bed and fall asleep as she gently strokes my arm. "Mommy, arm, please."
And then I'll wake up when Jesper and Wilhelm come up the stairs, and we'll lie in a big pile in Wilhelm's bed and talk about today and tomorrow.
I'm going home now, because all the things I long for are waiting for me there.
But I wanted to stop here first.
I get blog sick too. I've missed being here this week.
I hope to see more of both homes next week.
Have a good weekend.
And thanks for reading.

The gorgeous boy above is my friend Lena's Frans. I took this picture of him when we made apple cider in October and stumbled over it today. He looks full of Friday to me.


Aymo said...

she's baaaaack!!!

Miranda Robertson said...

I love that you work in an office/country where it's kosher to drink wine at work late on a Friday afternoon! Love it!

Thank you also for your kind words regarding space and children. It truly makes me feel reassured to hear of others who have been down this road/adventure!


Meredith said...

I know this feeling so well, and I've missed your posts. Happy weekend.;)