Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cornwall Calling (I Think)

Dear British readers (all three of you),

We are spending two weeks in Cambridge this summer and are hoping to extend our stay in England with an additional week in Cornwall. Yay! But where should we stay? Since we'll travel by train (and with children, ahem) I was thinking that maybe we should look into the Polperro area, rather than say Land's End. Is this a good idea? Or do you know the perfect fisherman's village, where we could rent a cottage, dip our feet in the water and have some Pimm's? Lemme know, darling Brits!



Anna Ander said...

Photo borrowed from some tourist site, sorry. Will post proper pics in August!

Jo Barnes said...

Ooooh - I could talk about Cornwall all day long. Polperro and area is good if you want fishing villages, although can be a bit touristy, but if you want spectacular Cornish beaches the North Coast is better. Happy to e-mail you some links to great accommodation sites if you want.

The Rat said...

Don't think i know much about cornwall, but it looks like Jo has it covered so that's me off the hook then :-)
Make sure you try a proper cornish pasty. YUM!

Anna Ander said...

Dear Jo, dear Rat, thank you! Jo, if you were to e-mail me some links I'd be very happy!

ElizaHennessey said...

Oh, Anna, you will be right in the fashion of the times, since Doc Martin is set in Cornwall... lucky, lucky!

RW said...

you are going to england?
well how about that.
how grand.