Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I've kept thinking it's Monday since, well, Monday.
My weeks seem to be circular.
And everyone seems to be knitting, did you notice?
Of course you did.
We're eating lots of soups and stews but keep forgetting to light a fire in the evenings.
It's like we're done with winter, but winter's so not done with us.
The street is covered in ice.
I fell yesterday, not elegantly. Ploff.
We made valentine's. Quite possibly the ugliest valentine's ever made. It was lovely.
Those little ugly things made my heart sing.
Nothing says I love you like glitter and glue and a kitchen floor covered in paper and paint.
It's February over here.
So very February.

1 comment:

RW said...

I am liking your photos these days.
We hit a cold snap. Nothing like the mountains of snow elsewhere in the world... but have to wear a coat again.