Thursday, February 3, 2011

Extra Curricular

Some days call for hot dogs. This particular one did. And we got the added bonus of watching grown men swim perfectly nekkid in the icy water. Nekkid! (A sauna close by.) The kids especially were thrilled with that. Jesper was not thrilled with the children and I playing on the ice, so that had to stop. But it was a good three minutes! And he is right, of course. I just love that feeling of walking on top of a lake. Love it. But will control my impulses these days of thawing, I promise.

For the most dedicated and interested friends of Leo, I'd like to announce the following: The Missus had her baby! We have a baby boy! Ok, she and her husband do. But still. He feels at least two parts mine. On Monday I will see him and oh joy, what a happy thing that is.

Update 2
Not really an update, no. I'd just like to say Thank You. When you comment it makes me happier than you can imagine. Thank you. Thank you for coming here and reading nonsense and finding the time to say you actually enjoy it. You are good people. And I'm very lucky.


RW said...

looks lovely and white. we are back to "colder" temperatures but I think we are done with snow.

Miranda Robertson said...

Hot dogs in the snow reminds me of growing up in snowy Montana and taking "picnics" in December. Love these pictures!

Jane said...

Oh that looks like fun!!

Kathleen said...

Calder's third birthday party was heavy on hot dogs and snow - Maine is feeling a bit like Sweden these cold winter days, though it's blessedly light till 5 o'clock.

Love, love, love seeing your beautiful face - it was funny to feel I know you but wouldn't recognize you on the street...