Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nothing, Really

This morning we had breakfast at Blanka's daycare. She was so proud. And hungry! She ate three eggs and a sandwich. How many eggs can a fouryearold eat without getting sick? (I ate two eggs myself, and two sandwiches. Someone had to keep her company.) Even Wilhelm munched away, it was sandwiches galore. Jesper was too embarrassed to eat all he really wanted, but I smuggled him a ham sandwich, pretending it was my own (since I have no shame). There was tea and coffee and everything you could ask for. Such a great idea, a drop-in breakfast. When we left I felt very much in love with the place and everyone who works there. So good. Thank you.

And it's a cellphone free environment so no pictures. You get to enjoy the timber from Midsomer instead. Doesn't it look like some kind of hazelnut brittle?

This post consists of nothing and has no literary ambition. It's not even funny. I feel sorry for you all. Maybe tomorrow I'll get my act together. It IS a pretty good picture, though. There's always that. Thanks for putting up with me. You are patient and kind.


Anonymous said...

stop excusing yourself. posting is good, no matter what. i/we look forward to that. doesn't have to change the face of the world each time. isn't it the point of everyday life?
i love to read you, even if it's your grocery shopping list.
by the way, i really, really regret the disappearance of "this week eats", in english and on your blog. now i'm starving to death. i'm the worst cook on earth, ansolutely devoid of imagination and culinary creativity, and it gave me ideas. and i loved reading about it.
so please, i am asking officially, bring it back.
love from your berlin fan

Anna Ander said...

This Week's Eats will return. How can I deny you anything, dear Berlin fan? Thank you.

RW said...

yep. posting is good. we are back to dark mornings. boo.

Miranda Robertson said...

Love this! You should really write about nothing more often. :)